Guide in Vilnius

Duration: 3 hours
Location: Vilnius old town
Transportation: not included

Highlights, what to do in Vilnius:

  • You will visit the old town listed on UNESCO heritage list
  • You will explore architecture ranging from XIV to XX century
  • You will learn why Vilnius hangman had up to 7 wives
  • You will get advices where to eat best

Vilnius guided tour is the best way to cover what to see in Vilnius. You will explore the history, architecture and traditions of the country. You will be acquainted with its culinary heritage; you will talk about citizens’ daily life and you will learn its rich history created by a diversity of cultures and religions. Vilnius old town is one of the biggest old towns in Europe by the territory with wide range of unique architecture. The local guide will take care to spot things to do in Vilnius and save your time by giving best advices how to spend your free time.

The main itinerary:

  • Entrance to the Cathedral
  • Vilnius University
  • Presidential Palace
  • Town Hall square
  • Jewish quarter
  • Gates of Dawn
  • Uzupis district ( The district of artists)

Vilnius is often called ” The pearl of Baroque”, or the most Southern city to the North. Why? All of this and much more I am inviting you to find out during Vilnius sightseeing tour. As our city has one of the biggest old towns in this part of Europe, the guided tour will present you the history, the most important spots, cultural life, tradditions and will give you suggestions what is worth to during your free time in Vilnius.

So, if your holidays in Lithuania are short, we are offering you 3 hours Vilnius sightseeing tour with possibility to visit the most beautiful places in Vilnius old town. You will not have the lecture of history, but you will know our history by jokes, stories and beautiful places with Vilnius tour guide.


  • Cathedral of st. Stanislovas and Vladislovas
  • Monument for Gediminas, Gediminas hill
  • Vilnius university
  • Presidential palace
  • Town hall square, Vilnius town hall
  • St. Kazimeras church
  • Bazylian gates
  • The orthodox church of st. Spirit
  • Gates of Dawn

If you would like to see more, we can organize a driving tour, while which we will add the Hill of Three Crosses, The St. Peters’and Pauls’ Church, Uzupis district.

Duration: 4 hours