Traveling in Lithuania

Duration: 6 days
Overnight: 2 nights Vilnius; 1 night- Kaunas; 2 nights – Klaipeda; 1 night- Siauliai;


  • You will visit 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • You will visit the Cold War Museum
  • You will travel almost the all country with possibility to add Riga
  • You will visit 5 castles
  • You will walk white sand dunes

1 Day – Arrival and Vilnius-Trakai Tour

Welcome to Vilnius! The most Southern city to the North.  During 3 hours walking tour you will visit the major sites. Enjoy the panoramic view and learn about culinary heritage.

Next you will take 40 min ride to Trakai. Visit the town, the castle on the island and try local pastries, kibinai.

2 Day – Medieval Kernave and Rumsiskes Open Air Museum Tour

You will take an hour drive to Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania.

Stopping on a way to visit the UNESCO archeological site Kernave. Walk in the reconstructed urban town from the Middle Ages, learn blacksmith’s or jeweler’s daily life. Hike the mounds, previous hill forts in a valley and visit the archeological museum, which tells the history of Kernave back from 11000 B.C. right after the last Glacier.

Next stop -The Open Air Museum, which will tell you about the life of peasants back to XVIII century. You will walk wooden villages, enter original houses. This day finishes in Kaunas.

3 Day – Kaunas Tour and Panemune or Medieval Trading Route Tour

Starting a day with a walking tour in the old town, the home of Art Deco style and cozy walking streets.

After lunch you will take a picturesque drive from Kaunas along the old castle route, which runs along Nemunas river. Combination of Lithuanian nature, stories from medieval period, stops to visit castles and local villages.

After 6 hours tour arriving to Klaipeda.

4 Day – Lithuanian Seaside Tour

Visiting Klaipeda port town and the castle museum in the morning. Next taking a short ferry ride to transfer the lagoon and drive along the Spit towards the biggest village Nida -the fishing village museum under the open sky. On the way you make a short stop in Juodkrante – one of the most beautiful areas all year round where travelers are fascinated by its tranquility, unique nature and spectacular fishing lodges, stylish villas, and architecture.

Next – Witch Mountain which contains a wooden sculpture exhibition consisting of about 80 oak sculptures presenting Lithuanian folklore. Continue to Nida village where you can admire the stylish architecture of the lodges, the bright décor, carvings, and ancient fishing boats. Nida also has a preserved old cemetery with distinctive headstones. Finally, you visit the semi-shifting dune which is one of the most unique and popular Kursiu Nerija objects. It is 52 meters high. You can also visit the observation deck overlooking fabulous views on top of the dune, where you can observe the sunset and the sunrise from the water.

5 Day – Palanga Tour and The Cold War Museum Tour

Drive to Palanga, the most famous Lithuanian resort with the biggest amber museum in the world and white sand beaches.

After Palanga tour you will continue to The Cold War Museum – former Soviet Union‘s complex of ballistic missile unit. Arrival to Siauliai.

6 Day – The Hill of Crosses and Siauliai tour

Visiting the unique place The Hill of Crosses, walk cozy Siauliai old town and the chocolate museum. Drive back to Vilnius or continuing to Riga.

Travel plan

Location: 800 km round trip (optionally starting or finishing in Riga)