Duration: 4 hours (plus 2 hours optionally)
Location: 40 min driving from Vilnius
Transportation: mini van

Highlights of Trakai Tour:

  • You will explore the medieval gothic castle
  • You will learn about Karaits
  • You will taste local culinary heritage
  • You will hike in Lithuanian forest and swamp

Trakai tour is a perfect option to escape from the city and indulge the beauty of Lithuanian nature.

Small medieval town is located on five lakes with a star landmark – the castle on the island, which was the main residence for Lithuanian Grand Dukes. After visiting the castle, it is a time to explore the local culinary heritage- karaits pastries “Kibinai” in one of the lake shore caffees. After short walk driving back to Vilnius, or optional hike on Varniukiu trail.

Varniukiu trail hike takes about an hour, 3.5 kilometers long, where you would pass natural Lithuanian forest, Ilgelis swamp and a small lake. Calming nature sounds, blueberries, wild strawberries, lingonberries, cranberries, and scents of the forest is everything you for nature therapy!

If you are visiting Lithuania, it is almost your obligation to visit Trakai situated on the five picturesque lakes. It is just 40 min driving from Vilnius. Trakai is one of the first places of residence of Grand Dukes’ of Lithuania. A multicultural small town today. The guide will pick you up with a car and drive to Trakai. You will be told many intersting stories on a way, so getting there will seem very fast. When you are there, you will explore Trakai street with colorful, wooden houses, you will pass two bridges and get to the island with a red brick gothic castle. You will feel an atmosphere of the medieval ages. No way to miss the culinar heritage of Caraits’. So for the lunch it is must do “kibinai” (savor pastries) in Trakai. Tour duration 4 h.

ͻ The ruins of penincular castle
ͻ Caraits‘ street
ͻ The castle on the island
ͻ Free time for „kibinai“( Caraits‘ national dish – savor pastry)