Duration: 3 hours
Location: Vilnius
Transportation: mini van

Highlights Soviet Vilnius Tour:

  • You will learn about Soviet daily life
  • You will learn about KGB and visit The Genocide Museum
  • You will be driven to the Soviet „sleeping“ district, where the series Chernobyl was filmed
  • You will have a Soviet style mini lunch in TV tower restaurant

Would you like to experience how the life was in those „good old days“? How the average citizen of Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic used to live, work, eat and play? The Soviet Vilnius Tour will discover the most interesting stories, people and places for you.

You will be picked up with by a guide with a car from a hotel. You will be driven along the river, to see the hotel which was built for Western guests coming to Soviet Lithuania, where rooms and a restaurant were equipped with eavesdropping system. Next, you will get to the one of Soviet period “sleeping” districts, where still all buildings are grey. By the way, Lithuanian Soviet architects were awarded by Lenin’s award to accomplish governmental plan to build it. It was the example for all Soviet Union countries to follow. Many movies were shot there, one of the most famous, the serial “Chernobyl” (instead of Ukraine). Next stop would be TV tower, which is not only the tallest building in Vilnius, but also where the last battle against Soviet troops took place in January of 1991. We will get by elevator to the same top and have an amazing panoramic view to all Vilnius and it’s premises. It is also a coffee inside, so we can have a short snack or drink brake. After this we will drive to Gediminas avenue, where is The museum of Genocide. As well we call it KGB museum, as it was the real residence and offices of Lithuanian KGB. You will find out the history of Lithuanian KGB and you can explore the museum on your own after the tour.