Duration: 6 hours
Location: 1.5 hours driving from Vilnius
Transportation: mini van


Highlights of Kaunas Tour:

  • You will visit the Green Hill with ultramodern church
  • You will have a ride on the original Interwar period funicular
  • You will explore the old town and famous Kaunas ArtDeco architecture

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania as well holding a status of the temporary capital. It is the home of the best Lithuanian basketball team – Zalgiris.

You can be picked up from Vilnius or met in Kaunas. During the private tour you will explore the old town, the market square, Kaunas Town Hall, St. George’s church, the longest pedestrian street in Lithuania -Freedom avenue and some other districts with famous ArtDeco buildings. Together with a local tour guide you will walk along the longest river in Lithuania Nemunas, learn how Kaunas protected itself from floods and why Kaunas is the capital for the biggest sports events in Lithuania.

For the art lovers The National Ciurlionis Art Gallery could be added. M.K. Ciurlionis is the most famous Lithuanian painter and composer of the XX century.


On our way to Kaunas we will visit The Open Air Museum of Lithuania in Rumsiskes.

Rumsiskes are about 1 hour drive from Vilnius.

Open Air Museum of Lithuania is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museum in Europe. It consists 140 buildings and over 88 000 mobile exhibits. It is a perfect way to see, understand and experience how Lithuanian peasants used to leave, work, celebrate and study in different Lithuanian ethnographic areas: Dzūkija, Aukštaitija, Suvalkija, Žemaitija and Lithuania Minor. It was established in 1966, in Rumšiškės on a picturesque coast of Kaunas Lagoon. There are fragments of the villages, authentic farms, century-old buildings with flower gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens, with crosses and wooden roofed poles, technical facilities – mills, forges, a fulling-mill and oil-mill lining along 7 km circular route, meandering between forests, meadows and hills.

In the centre of the museum there is a fragment of a township with its typical buildings, where pots are shaped, amber and wood works are done and weaving process of linen is presented.

This is one of the best places to see the real life of lithuanian uncestors.

We will enter the museum territory with a car and using the map we will drive trought seperate villages ( ethnografic areas). We will enter villages with houses, farms, mills and so on. You will feel the real smell of old wood, you will see where the bread was baked, you will see where family was sleeping, eating. You will see and touch the original wooden toys for children.

I would call it the experience tour instead of sightseeing, because I am sure you will be touched deep to your heart and you will remeber this experience for all your life!

Highly recomended for children.

Our next stop: Kaunas Old Town.

We will start from the symbolic map of Kaunas –a stunning view from the Christ’s Resurrection Church, which is also a symbol of Lithuanian fights for the freedom. This church is a masterpiece of the modern architecture.

Going down the Zaliakalnis Hill we will use the original funicular from 1931s, the oldest funicular in Lithuania. Continuing to the longest pedestrian street in The Eastern Europe – Laisves aleja ( the avenue of Freedom), where you will be able to evaluate the unique interwar period architecture.

Entering the old town we will visit the Jesuit Church and Monastery, The Holy Trinity Church and the Old Post Office with two sculptures of dogs. The Archcathedral Basilica will charm you by its enormous dimensions, Vytautas Church and The Thunder House are the examples of gothisc style in Kaunas. Next to Kaunas Castle and St. George’s Church. Passing the Catholic Seminary we will reach The City Hall Square and the City Hall which is called the white swan.

After sightseeing 1 – 1.5 hour free time and way back to Vilnius.

Duration about 9 hours.