Pushkin & Peterhof/ Pavlovsk day trip


We offer a full day trip, which will cover the most spectacular manors of St. Petersburg area. The drive to Pushkin town is only 45 min, it lays through the modern districts of St. Petersburg and a picturesque country-side to the hilly area originally known as Tsarskoye Selo (Village of the Tsars). The drive will be narrated by your private guide.

After a short walk through the gardens you'll enter the Catherine palace - the summer residence of the Tsars. The grandiose Catherine palace is the last great Baroque Palace in Europe with a famous undulating façade, dazzling Ballroom, Rococo interiors, and the legendary Amber Room.

At the end of the 18th century it was Catherine the Great who invited the British architect Charles Cameron to work on the palace and converted the garden into an elaborate English park, where Cameron created his masterpiece – the Cameron gallery.

Optional: Lunch in "Podvorye" restaurant, a traditional Russian restaurant that features excellent Russian food, drinks and folk singers.

In the afternoon, you'll drive (40 min) to Peterhof* - 'Russian Versailles', the most impressive and ornate country residence of the Romanovs built by Peter the Great in 1706-1723 on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Peterhof is world famous for its palaces, gardens and the largest functioning 18th century fountain complex with 150 gilded fountains run by gravity. You'll walk through the delightful formal gardens, past cascades and fountains, and visit the original home for Peter I, the Monplaisir Palace - a charming baroque mansion on the shore of the Gulf of Finland that demonstrates the Tsar's exquisite and restrained taste.

* In the off-season (October - May), when fountains don't work in Peterhof, this tour is re-placed with the trip to Pavlovsk - an architectural jewel dating from 1786, built by the Scottish architect Charles Cameron for Grand Duke Paul (who would later become Paul I). Every room of this palace is filled with superlative furniture, chandeliers, tapestries, paintings, and objects d'art exemplifying the best of 18th century Russian and European taste and craftsmanship. The park is one of the largest landscape parks not only in Russia, but in Europe.

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