Soviet Vilnius Tour

Would you like to experience how the life was in those „good old days“? How the average citizen of Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic used to live, work, eat and play?
The Soviet Vilnius Tour will discover the most interesting stories, people and places for you. So don‘t loose this chance, join us! Duration 1.5 – 2 h.

During sightseeing you will have a look to some memorial places:
ͻ Gedimino av. ( Lenin’s av.)
ͻ Lukiškių square (During the Soviet area, the square was renamed to Lenin Square)
ͻ The building of a Parlament and The Concrete blocks (covered with freedom graffiti) which once formed part of the 1991 barricades
ͻ The monument dedicated for the victims of the mass deportations to Siberia
ͻ The Museum of Genocide Victims ( Previuos KGB residence and a prison, the museum is the only one of its kind in the former Soviet republics) At the end of a tour you will have an option to visit The Museum of Genocide Victims or having a lunch in a close soviet style restaurant.

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