The Panemunes Castle Route

Panemunes Castle Route is an alternative travel way from Kaunas to Klaipeda taking more time but definitely leaving much more impressions! Instead of a highway we would travel along scenic Nemunas river valley from Kaunas till Jurbarkas. Nemunas is the biggest and the most important river in Lithuania. From the Roman Empire times it used to be the main route for Lithuanian and Roman merchants .

Lithuanians started to build castles on the right bank of the river in order to defend against the German Teutonic Knights. The castles, which we will visit during a tour are mainly from XVI- XVII centuries. Noblemen used to build their manors in picturesque places. These buildings were used as opulent residences rather than defensive structures.

We will start just several kilometers from Kaunas with Raudondvaris castle-like manor .Manor overlooks on the right bank of the upper terrace of the river Nevezis near the confluence of the Nemunas and Nevėžis.

Furthering with Vilkija and Seredzius villages we will explore the beauty of the old villages, churches and views from the mounds.

The next stop - Raudonė, a castle with a fairy-tale like gothic tower which was originally built in late 16th century.

Finally there is the Rennaisance Panemunė castle. The castle stands in a park on a high hill and is girdled by five cascading ponds. Dating to 1604 it now houses a museum and we may climb its mighty towers.

We will leave Nemunas in Jurbarkas which is said to have been a seat of Lithuanian princes from the Palemonids legend, first documented in XIII century as the Teutonic Knights' Ordensburg castle of Georgenburg ("George's castle") on the Neman. Finally we will drive further on to Klaipeda.

Tour duration: 6 hours

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