Klaipeda - charming port city of Lithuania with beautiful architecture of the old town overlooking the Baltic Sea. Starting for the Theatre Square we will meet the famous Annie of Tharaw sculpture and drama theater.Passing through the small old town streets you will get street layout features, architecture of the town. Klaipeda is totally different from the other towns of Lithuania by architecture and special climate. It is also famous by sculptures and good restaurants. So you will evaluate all the „stuff“ by yourself.

If you prefer to take unbeaten path tours and if your choices are usually unique – Švėkšna offers you that!

Švėkšna is one hour driving from Klaipeda, as we can say in the middle of nowhere. With a little over 2000 inhabitants tiny and quite town, which could easily be forgotten .
Švėkšna was founded in the beginning of 16 century, survived sevaral fires and wars. It is a mirracle, that Švėkšna has the authentic pre war old town with cable stone street and pre war buildings. Nowadays the central part of this town is protected by national cultural heritage program setup by he Lithuanian government. Being there you feel like in a time machine!
So after visitng the main street and market square there is no choise to miss the gigantic red brick church which is seen from everythere.
Quite unusual solution - the old red brick bridge that crosses the street below connecting the church to the the road to the mansion gardens. It’s said it was built so, that those living in the mansion didn’t have to walk all the way around to the front door of the church the bridge saved them 5mins.
Our next stop Counts Pleteriai Park established in the XVIII century with an impressive alley of lindens, Genovaite Villa, sun dial, ponds and sculptures. The park looks amazing in all seasons.
It is also very important to notice, that Švėkšna is a hometown of sculptures, monuments and really artistic and hardworking people. Almost every house has a beautiful flowers garden and handmade fence.
After the several hours walk in 100 years back time machine we would come back to Klaipeda.

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