St. Casimir’s Fair

The biggest fair of the year is always held on a closest weekend to March 4 th in the major towns of Lithuania. It is dedicated to St. Casimir, the patron of Lithuania, the son of Polish King and Lithuanian Grand Duke. This fair has a deep tradition from the 17 th century. Most of the streets of the old town are covered by booths with hand craft products such as: food, apparel, knitted clothes, toys, metal crafting, paintings and souvenirs.

It is must do to buy some Lithuanian homemade black bread, natural honey and some beer on a market. Traditional “palm” called “verbos” in Lithuania is one of the main symbols of this fair, people buy them and bring to the churches a week before Easter. Verbos are designed from painted dried flowers.

St. Casimir’s fair is very happy event leaded by folklore music, dances and the smell of the homemade food. Visiting this fair is one of the simplest but very pleasant way to experience Lithuanian traditions and culture.

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