Christmas in Lithuania

Christmas is considered to be one of the most widely celebrated holidays in Lithuania. From little ones to the big ones, everybody is waiting for a Christmas Tree, smell of pastries and presents. Vilnius starts this period from the official Christmas Tree lighting ceremony which takes place on a Cathedral square in last days of November. Usually it is leaded by concerts and fireworks. There is settled a Christmas market on the same square. People can warm up with hot wine, ginger candies, herbal teas and buy local handmade souvenirs from wool, linen or our “stone of sun” – which is amber. The whole town is decorated and the atmosphere of celebration is entering the town.

Vilnius is called the capital of culture, so especially during Christmas period there are held lots of cultural events. We would suggest to enjoy the concert in National Philharmonic, Opera and Ballet Theatre (which is one of the most famous Soviet era buildings), Congress Hall or many other smaller theaters.


Vilnius Christmas Tree is often nominated as one of the most breathtaking, inspiring Christmas Trees in the world. This year it happened as well, so don’t miss an opportunity to visit Vilnius Christmas Town!

The New Years Eve is celebrated with friends or a family at home or in the restaurants. If you decided to celebrate The New Years Eve in Vilnius in most of cases you have two options, you can make a reservation for a restaurant or visit the firework show on a Cathedral square and spend time in bars, pubs and restaurants which doesn’t have private party.


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